Ground Mounted Solar Panels Scotland
Ground Mounted Solar Panel Installers Scotland
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Really pleased we went with Callum, professional, friendly, and excellent service, which he delivered on time, with no interruptions to us (as we work from home). His quote was the most competitive, and spent the most time assessing our needs. He then explained the different options and which one he thought was best for our energy consumption. Callum gives ongoing support to help guide us through the app and work out the best ways to maximise our energy and when to sell back to the grid, a complicated system made easy by having his knowledge and support.. I would highly recommend.
Marie Gibson, Scottish Borders
5* Google Review, September 2023

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Scotland

Ground mounted solar panels, as the name suggests, are solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that are installed directly on the ground rather than being mounted on rooftops or integrated into your roof. These panels are typically arranged in rows and installed on frames or structures anchored to the ground.

Given South Scotland Solar Ltd are based in Galashiels in The Scottish Borders, we are are well versed in installing ground mounted solar panels due to the large percentage of properties based in rural areas in our part of Scotland.

Ground mounted solar installations are commonly used in large scale solar farms, agricultural applications, and commercial solar projects where there is ample available land. They play a significant role in harnessing solar energy in Scotland for both small and large scale electricity generation.

Ground Mounted Solar Panel Installers Scotland

South Scotland Solar Ltd are MCS approved solar installers who have plenty experience installing ground mounted solar panels.

The Company MCS certification number is NAP-69293 and we are NAPIT approved contractors. Additionally, we are TrustMark endorsed, allowing us to help you utilise government grants for solar PV (Photovoltaic systems) and battery storage installations.

View our authentic 5 star customer reviews, each of which attests to our exceptional customer service!

This company is a certified business who installs solar energy panels of the highest quality. They also provide information on battery installation, selling your excess electricity to the grid and also a complete and comprehensive contract sent to you ahead of any signed contract. Callum Shields is the company owner and installer of the above and works with Euan Tait a certified electrical technician on the full installation. He uses the best equipment on the market and is very efficient and tidy in his work. He leaves nothing to chance and gives a personal touch to his work. My installation was smooth and tidy and done in his specified time frame. He also downloaded the APP onto my phone to show how much electricity I was making, a true easy going family man with his client’s interests foremost in his mind. My initial contact was through word of mouth and was given a FREE estimate to browse through at my leisure, with any questions answered clearly, there was no sales pressure whatsoever, just clear information right from the beginning. First class work and after installation contact was five star. I fully recommend this chap if you are considering solar installation.
Robert Wilkinson, Scottish Borders
5* Google Review, June 2023

Ground Mounted Solar Installation Scotland

Successful ground mounted solar panel installation involves several steps to ensure the efficient and safe setup of your solar PV system on open land.

Steps For Ground Mounted Solar Panel Installation

Here’s a general overview of the process:

Site Assessment:

Evaluate the site to determine its solar potential, considering factors such as sunlight exposure, shading, soil condition, and topography.

Conduct a thorough analysis to optimise panel placement for maximum sunlight exposure throughout the day and year.

Obtain Permits and Approvals (when required):

Obtain necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and utility companies. This may include building permits, environmental assessments, and grid connection approvals.

Design your System:

Develop a detailed system design based on the site assessment. This includes determining the number of panels, their layout, inverter placement, and wiring configuration.

Ensure compliance with local regulations, building codes, and safety standards.

Clear the Area:

Clear the installation area of vegetation, rocks, and debris. Level the ground to create a stable foundation for the mounting structures.

Install Mounting Structures:

Anchor the mounting structures securely to the ground using concrete foundations or ground screws. These structures support the solar panels and keep them elevated for optimal sunlight exposure.

Ensure the structures are aligned correctly and securely fastened to withstand weather conditions.

Install Solar Panels:

Mount the solar panels onto the support structures, securing them in place according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Connect the panels in the desired configuration, considering series and parallel connections to achieve the desired voltage and current output.

Install Inverter and Electrical Components:

Install inverters, combiner boxes, and other electrical components. The inverter converts the DC power generated by the panels into usable AC power.

Properly wire the system, connecting the panels, inverters, and other components to ensure the flow of electricity from the panels to the grid or the property.

Perform Testing and Commissioning:

Conduct thorough electrical testing to ensure the system operates efficiently and safely.

Test the system’s performance under different sunlight conditions and address any issues that may arise.

Necessary Inspections:

Schedule inspections with relevant authorities to verify the installation’s compliance with regulations and safety standards.

So in summary ground mounted solar panels are installed by first assessing the site, clearing the area, installing structures securely to the ground and mounted the panels onto them. We then connect them to all electrical components and the grid.

Shown below are successful installations we completed in The Scottish Borders and near Dumfries and Galloway.

Ground solar installation near Dumfries and Galloway

Ground mounted solar panel installation Scottish Borders

Benefits of Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels offer several benefits compared to rooftop installations, making them a popular choice for many solar projects. Here are some of the key advantages of ground mounted solar panels:

Ground mounted solar panels can be positioned at the optimal tilt and orientation to capture maximum sunlight throughout the day, ensuring higher energy production.

Ground mounted systems can be installed on open land, allowing for placement in areas with the best sunlight exposure. They are not limited by the size, shape, or shading issues associated with rooftops.

Ground mounted solar systems can be easily expanded by adding more panels to the open space, allowing for increased energy production as energy needs grow.

Ground mounted panels are easily accessible, simplifying maintenance and cleaning tasks. Technicians can access the panels without the need for specialised equipment or roof access.

Some buildings may require significant modifications to the roof structure to support the weight of solar panels. Ground mounted systems avoid this issue entirely.

Ground mounted installations are not affected by roof obstacles such as chimneys or vents, allowing for more efficient use of available space.

Ground mounted panels typically have better airflow around them, reducing heat absorption and improving the overall efficiency of the solar cells.

Ground mounted solar panels are ideal for utility-scale solar projects and solar farms. They allow for the installation of a large number of panels in an organised manner, maximising energy production.

Ground mounted solar installations can increase the property’s value by demonstrating a commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, making the property more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Ground mounted solar panels contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, supporting environmental conservation efforts and mitigating climate change.

For homeowners concerned about the aesthetic impact of solar panels on their roofs, ground mounted installations can be a more visually appealing option, especially if landscaping and screening are implemented.

These benefits make ground mounted solar panels a versatile and efficient choice for various applications, ranging from residential installations to large scale solar projects.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Scotland Cost

The cost of installing ground mounted solar panels varies depending on how many panels you have installed and other factors surrounding the installation.

The cost of 12 ground mounted solar panels in Scotland starts from £7,000.

There can also be additional costs for ground tech work and depending where you are based in Scotland. 

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Cost in Scotland
South Scotland Solar Ltd, Galashiels, Scotland

Quote From A MCS Solar Installer, NOT A SALESMEN!

F.A.Q About Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ground mounted solar panels along with their answers:

Open land with good sunlight exposure and minimal shading is suitable for ground mounted solar installations. This includes fields, meadows, or unused portions of properties.

Ground mounted solar panels offer optimal sunlight exposure, flexibility in location, scalability, easy maintenance, avoidance of roof modifications, and reduced heat absorption. They are ideal for large-scale projects and areas with shading issues or limited roof space.

Yes, like any solar installation, ground-mounted panels require regular maintenance, including cleaning, inspections, and monitoring. Regular checks ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.

Yes, permits are usually required for ground-mounted solar installations. Homeowners or project developers need to obtain necessary permits from local authorities and utility companies before installation.

Yes, ground-mounted solar panels can be used off-grid, providing power to remote areas or locations where grid connection is not feasible. Off-grid systems are equipped with batteries for energy storage.



With 15 years of experience within the electrical industry under his belt, Callum decided in the autumn of 2021 the time was right to start his own business. He passionately believes in the power of solar energy and helping his customers enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. If you are thinking about converting your home or business to solar and would like more information South Scotland Solar would love to hear from you.


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