Had my solar panels installed back in the summer. The advice from Calum was perfect. The price was at least £2k cheaper then others for same set up. Had the Eddi system set up for surplus power to heat up the hot water and batteries in the loft. Panels excellent. Batteries saving me a fortune. Not sure the Eddi system worth it - but this was my idea!! Aftercare has been excellent. Would highly recommend Calum to install your solar set up. Thank you.
Derek Dundas, Scotland
5* Google Review, October 2023

Cost of Solar Panels in Scotland

Blog about the prices for different KW of solar panels

The cost of installing solar panels in Scotland is a popular search term online, with many frustrated homeowners looking for transparency on solar panel prices after speaking to different solar companies and sales people who offer anything but at times!

South Scotland Solar Ltd wanted to create a blog that provides potential customers information on our prices, as well useful information for people in the market for solar panels in Scotland.

Prices for Different KW of Solar Panels in Scotland

People often ask how much it is for a certain amount of panels or size of system. Below is a rough guide of our starting from prices for different number of panels and PV system sizes:

2KW solar PV system from £4,000.

2KW system = Our cost for installing 4 solar panels in our part of Scotland.

4KW solar PV system from £5,100.

4KW system = Our cost for installing 8 solar panels in our part of Scotland.

5KW solar PV system from £6,100.

5KW system = Our cost for installing 12 solar panels in our part of Scotland.

6KW solar PV system from £6600.

6KW system = Our cost for installing 14 solar panels in our part of Scotland.

Please note these panels are efficient and modern with more power ranging between 430-500 watts.

Solar Panels and Battery Cost

Listed below are 3 different packages we have created for solar panels with battery storage. Please note these prices are starting from, we still need to consider different circumstances for your specific installation, however, we aim to provide the exact prices shown.


Bronze Solar Panels & Battery Package

8 solar panels and 1 battery
  • 8 Panels (3.4 KW system)
  • 5KWH Battery
  • 3.68 KW Inverter
  • Full MCS Registration
  • Smart Monitoring System

Silver Solar Panels & Battery Package

12 solar panels and 2 batteries
  • 12 Panels (5.1 KW system)
  • 2 x 5KWH Batteries
  • 3.68 KW Inverter
  • Full MCS Registration
  • Smart Monitoring System

Gold Solar Panels & Battery Package

16 solar panels and 3 batteries
  • 16 Panels (6.8 KW system)
  • 3 x 5KWH Batteries
  • 3.68 KW Inverter
  • Full MCS Registration
  • Smart Monitoring System

How Long Do Solar Panels Take To Pay For Themselves in Scotland?

It will take at least 10 years for solar panels for pay for themselves in Scotland. 

The answer to this question differs depending on how many KW your system is and more crucially if you have a suitable inverter and a solar battery storage system installed with your panels. Solar panels can take anything up to 20 years to cover their installation cost in Scotland, if they are not setup for optimal performance.

If you take our advice and install battery storage and a quality inverter, your system should pay for itself in around 10 years.

F.A.Q About The Price of Solar Panels in Scotland

Get in touch with any other questions you have about prices for solar panels, solar inverters or solar batteries in Scotland.

A three bedroom house would require at least a 4KW system, so would start from around £6,300 for just the panels, however, we would always recommend a battery for optimum performance.

Yes, there are grants available in Scotland for solar panels of up to £7,500. However, these government backed grants are currently only available for people looking for solar panels and an air source heat pump or electric storage heaters.

Grants where are one point available for just solar panels and battery storage. 

Some people who meet certain criteria may still quality for free solar panels through the ECO 4 scheme, however, this is only available to people on benefits who’s homes fall below a certain EPC rating as well as other criteria. 

If you have purchased your own panels and are looking for a price to have them installed, we need more information about the panels you have bought and where you want them installed. It’s best to call us or complete our online form so we can get in touch to discuss prices.

Yes, solar panels are worth the money in Scotland, as you can see from the question above, they pay for themselves over the long term and perform much better with suitable inverter and a battery storage system.

Cost of Flat Roof Solar Panels in Scotland

The cost of flat roof solar panels in Scotland varies mainly surrounding the type of panel and different aspects of the installation.

You can have 12 flat roof solar panels supplied and fitted in Scotland from around £7,000.

More information on flat roof solar panels in Scotland.

Flat Roof Solar Panels Scotland Cost

Cost of In Roof Solar Panels in Scotland

In roof solar panels also known as roof integrated solar panels are on high demand in Scotland for new builds, property developers and the likes due to their stylish design.

In roof solar panels cost around the same as regular panels, with 12 roof integrated solar panels starting from around £7,000.

More information on roof integrated solar panels in Scotland.

In Roof Solar Panels Scotland Cost

Cost of Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Scotland

The cost of ground mounted solar panels in Scotland varies, just like the cost of regular roof mounted solar panels. It depends on the type and number of panels that you select. 

For example, supply and installation of 12 ground mounted solar panels will cost anything from £7,000 or the same cost as our bronze package if installed with a battery (from £8,500). Click the following link for more information on flat roof solar panels in Scotland. 

More information on ground mounted solar panels in Scotland.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Scotland Cost

Solar Battery Cost in Scotland

You will always get better value buying your solar battery with your solar panels. We do however sell solar batteries on their own for people looking to upgrade their existing PV system and enhance the performance.
The cost of a 5KWH solar battery in Scotland starts from around £4,440 including VAT, 0% VAT only applies to solar panel and battery packages.
Solar battery prices vary greatly, especially depending on the brand of the battery you want installed.

Solar Inverter Cost in Scotland

Inverters need replaced all the time. This is either due to a breakdown or because of poor performance. Installing a better model or one more suitable to your system can help improve performance.

The cost to supply and fit a decent standard solar inverter in Scotland starts from around £1,000.

Solar Panels Scotland Grants

Over the years there have been many government incentives available to help make solar panels, eco friendly central heating, home insulation and renewables more affordable for homeowners in Scotland.

Home Energy Scotland has been providing grants of up to £7,500 towards to cost of installing solar panels with and without a battery storage system. They also provided interest free loans as well as grants, that can be paid back at affordable rates over many years.

At the time of writing this blog in October 2023, there is currently no grant funding available if you are only looking to buy solar panels.

Grants are currently only available if purchase solar panels with other products such as electric storage heaters or an air source heat pump system.

South Scotland Solar Ltd ensures to let you know if any grants or interest free loans become available for solar only packages again in Scotland.

South Scotland Solar Ltd, Galashiels, Scotland

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